In conversation with: The Explore More Mum

climbing dolomiti

Ashley (TheExploreMoreMum) is a lifestyle blogger based in Edinburgh. We were able to catch up with her earlier this week to chat about all thing’s fitness, health and adventure:

Where did your love of the outdoors come from? 


It was clear by the time i was three years old, that i would be into sports and adventure. My parents couldn’t explain it however they always encouraged my thirst for exploration and travel. When i was three, my father took my mother and I to Turkey for a photography trip. I wanted to be just like him and i had my own camera (it was really a pink water bottle.) Since that moment, I felt pure joy. I loved seeing new things, new languages, new smells. It transpired over time into exploring the outdoors more. It’s something I’m so excited to pass onto my child. 


What are your favourite spots in Scotland to explore/hike/enjoy?


I absolutely love how diverse Scotland is. For trail running , the Pentland hills are my playground, I love the technical trails it can offer. For canyoning, the Falls of Burar. For climbing Loch Lomond and the Trossachs is such a vast space to explore. I often head up there to wakeboard and SUP (stand up paddle board). I’m more often around the mountains than the coast, however, my absolute favourite places in Scotland are the islands. I love Skye, Mull and Arran the most as they have so much to offer in such a small space.

glentress forest
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One of our core values is sustainability and we are passionate about leaving a positive impact on the planet. What does sustainability mean to you?


Wow, i love this question. I spent many years living in South America, developing strategies on sustainability. A lot of it is down to culture, habits and opportunities. We should by default, be systematically recycling and being more mindful on what impact we make. But how much as we really doing? I try to shop for veg at the fruit and veg stall next to us at the Meadows, it drives my plastic consumption down low. I’m vegetarian, so i make as little impact environmentally as possible. I also use the same water bottle everyday. Most importantly, i don’t drive. I’ve never owned a licence nor am i interested in getting one any time soon! I love the fact that my body is my own engine. It saves me money and time. Cycling and running everyday also improves my cardiovascular muscles, keeping my body strong and healthy. 


Starting a business, having an awesome Instagram, working full time and raising Harley. How do you find the time to do it all and stay active?


I use my commute as my way to engage in fitness. I also get up often at 6 am to get one of my fitness programs in by 6.45! At the weekends, i use that as an opportunity to stay active in an array of activities. I’m also fiercely organised. I food prep on Sundays, ensuring that we have healthy, home cooked and baked goods throughout the week. I rarely watch TV, i do household duties one hour every evening to keep on top of everything. I prioritise tasks and multitask.

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 Tell us about your daily commute? What type of cycle gear floats your boat? Anything you’d like to see added to the next Meander Apparel range?


My commute is short but challenging. I’m battling the morning and evening commutes and also the hills and because of that i always wear quick dry clothing. Building up a sweat for me is not that hard when cycling up Kirkbrae. I always wear a mask as despite all my running and cycling, i’m actually asthmatic and often have attacks whilst cycling! A mask filters the pollution and cold air and helps a little bit. Of course, a Meander jacket is a must have and staple for anyone who commutes around the city. I’d love to see some water resistant trousers, more like leggings, for the commuter who likes to be flexible in sport and casual wear. There isn’t anything like that out there on the market!

If you had thee guiding principles in life, what would they be?


Change your mindset. The mind is the post powerful tool you can live with. Having a powerful mindset can push you that extra mile, will make you believe in you, will encourage you that you CAN do it. Look after yourself; I’m striving for longevity in life. I eat clean and ensure i sleep properly and try to avoid stress so I’m not facing chronic disease later in life (p/s recovery is everything! Let yourself heal). Don’t sweat the small stuff. We peak and trough in life, and we seem to get so wrapped up in unnecessary issues and dramas. Let them go. You’ll thank me later for that one!


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Amazing - thats a great idea about the water resistant leggings, we’ll look into that for a future collection!

Massive thanks to Ashley for allowing us to share this amazing Q&A. You can find out more about Ashley at TheExploreMoreMum. Also, make sure to check her Insta for lots of adventure inspiration - @TheExploreMoreMum