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Scotland is an amazing place to live and visit, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich heritage, and is also renowned for its notoriously unpredictable weather. Often managing to squeeze all four seasons into a single day. Dressing appropriately in such ever changing conditions isn’t always easy. However, there are some solutions that promise to keep you comfortable in both hot and cold conditions, Such as 37.5® Technology.


What is it?

When it comes to 37.5® thermoregulating technology, the clue really is in the name. The goal of the fabric is, no matter the circumstance, to help our bodies maintain their ideal temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius. Meaning that when we become too hot, it cools us back down and when we are too cold, it warms us back up. It’s like a superpower, and is perfect for maximising our comfort levelandperformance level. Developed by Cocona Inc., this cutting-edge technology is designed to optimise human body temperature and humidity levels, resulting in a superior performance and comfort experience. 

Products made with 37.5 are perfect for a vast array of activities, whether that’s sauntering around shops in the city on an unusually hot day, or partaking in hardcore training or hiking up Munroes.


How it all began 

It all started in Japan. The discovery of 37.5® technology was made by Dr. Greg Haggquist, a Ph.D. photophysical chemist and inventor. Whilst on a trip to the volcanic sand baths on Mount Aso, Japan’s largest active volcano, his concerns grew over his ability to withstand the extremely hot temperatures. Whilst immersed in the volcanic sand, he found that as he buried himself in it, his body began to feel more comfortable and cool rather than more stifling. He realised that the sand was absorbing his sweat before it could liquidise on his body, creating a constant balance between the heat he was losing and the heat he was gaining. This gave him the idea to begin working on what would become the recipe for his fabric technology.


How it works

Dr. Haggquist realised that it was the carbon in the sand that was the secret behind the temperature regulation in the volcanic sands and tried to apply this to fabrics. 37.5 Technology employs active particles derived from volcanic sand and activated carbon from coconut shells, which are embedded into the fabric fibres to ensure long-lasting effectiveness. The active particles attract and trap moisture, as well as the energy (in the form of heat) associated with that moisture. This dual action helps to regulate temperature and humidity levels, preventing the accumulation of sweat and the associated discomfort that comes with it.


Why is it so good?

Apart from its thermoregulation abilities, there are other advantages to opting for clothes that have been made using the 37.5
® technology. Clothing items made using this are able to dry up to five times faster than regular pieces, meaning that, if you want to go on a run in the morning and a bike ride after lunch, you can be reassured that you won’t have to face a cooly damp item which, let’s be honest, feels absolutely horrible to put on. They are engineered to be highly breathable and odour-preventing, making it perfect for activities ranging between both the city and countryside. The versatility of 37.5® Technology adheres to the demands of Scotland’s unpredictable climate, meaning that you can stay active without worrying about compromising your plans due to unforeseen weather shifts. Here at Meander,  we currently use 37.5® Technology in our Quarter Zip tops, which can be found here:  Mens /Womens and are developing more products with this game-changing technology.


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