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Talking Beaver Conservation; with Kirsten Brewster

July 12, 2024

Talking Beaver Conservation; with Kirsten Brewster

This week, we were lucky enough to chat with Kirsten about the Beaver for the second Q&A in our Rewilding series. Kirsten is the beaver ambassador at SBP so, to find out more about our relationship with these animals, we knew she’d be perfect to speak to. Read on to find out more about how they have integrated back into nature, why they're so important to Scottish rewilding and how to spot one in the wild!
Talking Red Squirrel Conservation; with Tara Mann

June 28, 2024

Talking Red Squirrel Conservation; with Tara Mann

Following the launch of our collaboration with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, and the release of our new Rewilding Collection, we wanted to do a deep- dive into the animals that feature on our rewilding tees and sweats. We caught up with Tara Mann who is SBP’s ambassador for the Red Squirrel. Whilst this is a native species to Scotland, the red squirrel faces challenges as a species that prevent them from thriving, despite their importance to our ecosystem. Read on to find out more about the squirrel's struggles and what we an do to help the situation.
Adventuring in Applecross

June 14, 2024

Adventuring in Applecross

We're back with another Highlands Guide and this time we're headed to Wester Ross, including the famous Applecross, Ullapool, Torridon and Plockton. We have curated this guide to highlight the top-spots in Wester Ross, whether you're searching for an adventurous climb up Stac Pollaidh, looking for the Highlands' best seafood spots or seeking a relaxing stroll through Inverewe Gardens. Wester Ross is dynamic, with fun to be had for all ages and interests, so read the full article to find out more about our top-picks.
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