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282 Mountains : A guide to Munro Bagging

February 23, 2024

282 Mountains : A guide to Munro Bagging

Determination, Resilience and a love for the outdoors. These are all essential qualities for the Scottish adventure-filled pastime; ‘Munro Bagging’. What does bagging actually mean? Scotland has an abundance of Munros (282 peaks to be exact) and essentially, as soon as you’ve climbed one and reached the summit, you can tell all your pals that you ‘bagged that Munro’. The challenge attracts thousands of climbers every year and luckily, there are routes for every ability to try since the Munros vary wildly in terms of landscape, accessibility and difficulty. Whilst many require experience or equipment, there are also plenty of beginner-friendly climbs which we’ll run through in this article.
A Dive into Scotland's Waters with Shane Wasik: Basking Shark Scotland

February 09, 2024

A Dive into Scotland's Waters with Shane Wasik: Basking Shark Scotland

Our co-founder, Steve, is a major fan of shark-spotting and has himself, partaken in a Basking Shark excursion off the coast of Coll. This meant we were beyond excited when we had the opportunity to talk with Shane Wasik, wildlife photographer and owner of Basking Shark Scotland. Not only are Basking Shark Scotland a leader in ethical wildlife tours, but have also developed a selection of tours and experiences that vary in length and activities for all adventurers. It was super-interesting to hear more from Shane about how the company got started, the scientific contributions that they strive to make with their work, and about the friends like Dangerous Dave that they have made along the way...
10 Micro-Adventures Within An Hour of London

January 26, 2024

10 Micro-Adventures Within An Hour of London

Whether you’re a local Londoner or a seasonal visitor, you likely spend your free time in London, exploring all that the bustling city has to offer. It's easy to forget about green spaces when surrounded by concrete ones, but don’t discount opportunities to explore the natural wonders that lie right outside of this vibrant metropolis. The outskirts of the city offer both tourists and locals the opportunity to seek a refreshing escape without venturing far beyond London’s doorstep. Either by train or by car, there are a variety of beautiful outdoors destinations to explore. Here are 10 micro-adventures to inspire some escapism away from the city, all within an hour journey from England's capital.

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