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With the summer months finally upon us, what better time to get exploring? A getaway in the Scottish Highlands is a perfect way of sourcing that craved-for relaxation, whilst also getting an opportunity to connect with some impressively beautiful nature. When it comes to choosing your perfect accommodation, Forest Housing is a unique, scenic, and relaxing experience. These rustic dwellings are often crafted from sustainable resources, such as timber logs, and are nestled in gorgeous forest landscapes.

One of the bestselling books in our store is the informative one-stop guide to cabin life Cabin Porn: Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere. However, if restoring and maintaining a cabin isn’t for you and you’d rather just head off for a brief visit to already coy and picturesque forest cabin, then this guide may serve as inspiration for a memorable holiday this summer.


The Woodman’s Hut, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Eco Hut in the wonderful Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. (lazyduck.co.uk)

This stunning eco hut is situated in the heart of Cairngorms National Park and is offered by The Lazy Duck, an environmentally-focused holiday provider from our home country of Scotland. The log cabin is surrounded by majestic Scots Pine trees, offering a rustic, homely aesthetic that's perfect for a relaxing getaway. Visitors can also make use of an authentic wood-fired hot tub, an infrared sauna and The Lazy Duck’s massage services. Being accessible to many surrounding towns, like Aviemore, Nethybridge and Boat of Garten, there are still plenty of places to pop to for restaurants and shops if an excursion takes your fancy. 

Image of Lazy Duck's eco-lodge The Woodman's Hut.


Uist Forest Retreat, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Uist Forest Retreat – Secluded self-catering cabins in the Outer Hebrides

This unique treehouse overlooks both the forest and the beach on the Hebridean island of North Uist, providing beautiful sea views in every room. The roundhouse cabins are made from UK sourced timber, with a design inspired by prehistoric wheelhouses erected in Uist during the Iron Age. Visitors to these self-catered lodgings can expect to see local wildlife such as eagles and deer, the latter of which often graze around the cabins. It's hard to imagine many evenings as picturesque as watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean as you relax next to a wood-burning fire (with an optional craft beer in hand).

Image of Uist Forest Retreat's treehouse overlooking forest and beachfront.



Dreamcatcher Cabins, Gartmore, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Fox's Lair - Dreamcatcher Cabins (dreamcatcherscabins.co.uk)

Perfect for a romantic getaway for two, Dreamcatcher cabins offer a range of popular, small-scale log cabins, including Hedgehog’s Hideaway, Squirrel’s Drey and Fox’s Lair. These cabins come complete with candles and fairy lights for the ultimate romantic atmosphere. Dreamcatcher offers environmentally conscious eco-lodges, designed to leave a limited carbon footprint, making use of solar lighting. The cabins don't possess plug sockets, WiFi and television promoting a truly ‘unplugged’ relaxation, encouraging visitors to explore the local wilderness and a guarantee of un-interrupted tranquility.  

Image of Dreamcatcher Cabin's Foxes Lair cabin, complete with tree-stump table for outdoor dining.



Parus, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Parus | Luxury Log Cabin in the Highlands of Scotland | Eagle Brae

This log cabin in the Scottish Highlands masters being 'at one with nature'. This eco-friendly cabin has a beautiful ‘living roof’, covered by long grass and wildflowers. This lodging is both family and dog-friendly to accommodate for all lifestyles, and is the highest sitting cabin of the Eagle Brae collection, overlooking the surrounding glens. Complete with an en-suite bathroom, duck pond and outdoor decking area, Parus is designed for relaxation. It is also known to be frequented by crested-tits who make use of the cabin’s bird table and provide some television-free entertainment. 

Image of Parus at Eagle Brae, a log cabin with a grass and wildflower covered roof.



England & Wales

Cabin on The Lake, Gwalia Farm, Wales

Cabin on the Lake | Gwalia (gwaliafarm.co.uk)

This beautifully-constructed wooden cabin sits on a serene lake in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales. Complete with an outdoor wood-fired hot tub, swedish style composting toilet and stove-heated pump shower, it's both a relaxing and an environmentally conscious option. The cabin provides a canoe, allowing more adventurous visitors to make the most of their time on the water and perfect for reenactments of  The Notebook.  This getaway celebrates the simplistic pleasures of outdoor life, offering beautiful views, sightings of local Welsh wildlife and complete peace from busy city life.  


Image of the Cabin at Gwalia Farm, which sits on a serene lake.



Golden Oak Treehouse, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England

Golden Oak Treehouse | Sherwood Forest | Forest Holidays

Golden Oak Treehouse is a classic style treehouse that sleeps 10 people. Along with the main two-story living area, the holiday retreat also features another one bed sleeping pod, an outdoor hot tub area and wooden walkways to connect them. Nestled in the tree line of the historic Sherwood Forest, visitors can channel their inner ‘Robin Hood’ with a range of outdoor activities such as archery, axe throwing and horse riding. Golden Oak Treehouse’s spacious accommodation and exciting add-ons makes it ideal for families or work retreats looking for an active getaway. 

Image of the cabin and additional sleeping pod of the Golden Oak Treehouse in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.



Further Afield

Woodnest Odda, Norway 

Woodnest – Odda Treehouse

Looking out at the beautiful Hardanger fjord in Norway, WOODNEST is a modern take on the classic treehouse design. Architects Helan & Hard have designed a treehouse that is fully supported by the tree it is built into, the shape of which is inspired by the Norwegian “Kongla” pine cone. Furnished with black alder wood, WOODNEST is a true homage to the Scandinavian wildlife it is built into. The cabin’s are environmentally conscious, designed with luxury in mind and the furniture is crafted by acclaimed Norwegian design firm Eikund. 

Image of WOODNEST, a treehouse found in Odda, Norway. The design is reminiscent of a pinecone.


Forest Haven Ela, Dundee, Ohio, United States

Dwellbox Treehouse Village in Columbus, Ohio - Forest Haven - Ela

Ela is a shipping container converted into a small scale forest cabin, crafted by Dwellbox. Furnished with natural wood, and featuring an outdoor shower and soaking tub, Ela is the perfect forest housing for a minimal getaway, allowing visitors to check back in with nature. Ela is designed to blend seamlessly into the local Ohio landscape, with its colour scheme and rustic aesthetic working in harmony with the dwelling’s surroundings. Ela comes with a modern kitchenette, cozy bedroom and outdoor lounge chairs making for a relaxing yet contemporary weekend away from the city.

Image of Ela, a forest cabin crafted from a converted shipping container.



Parc Omega, Quebec, Canada

Wolf cabins - Parc Omega

Parc Omega offers cabins, chalets, lodges and suites nestled in the heart of their 2200 acre wildlife conservation park in Quebec, Canada. Visitors are enticed by the unique experience of ‘sleeping with the wolves’ that inhabit the park. Parc Omega’s self-catered lodgings have large glass windows designed for spectating packs of Canadian wolves from up close, in a safe environment. The suites also allow for bear watching, with animals known to move right up to the windows and interact with visitors. 

Image from inside the Wolf Lodge at Parc Omega, looking out at the snow covered park, with a pack of Canadian wolves directly outside.  


It's undeniable that these forest cabins embody a unique and impressive atmosphere, architectural design, and potential for a great trip. They strike a perfect balance of relaxing escapism and exciting opportunities to be explored, so we hope this article has inspired new adventures to be had.

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Taylor Abrams
Taylor Abrams

November 15, 2023

I love that you said that forest cabins undoubtedly provide a distinctive and outstanding ambiance, stunning architectural architecture, and the possibility for an amazing vacation, which makes them the ideal combination of calm escapism and thrilling chances to be explored. You know, my dad’s been going on and on about how we should go on a cabin trip. He’s all about getting away from the hustle and bustle, reconnecting with nature, and just having some good old-fashioned family time without the distractions of daily life. Plus, he’s got a secret stash of dad jokes he’s been itching to unleash on us in the cozy cabin setting!


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