About Steve


As a counterbalance to a job in risk management, I like to get out of the city as much as possible to explore and go on adventures big and small.  I've competed in numerous ultra marathons including the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara, played rugby at the North pole, climbed Kilimanjaro and cycled from London to Paris.  

Living in East London and now Edinburgh, I cycle everywhere. I love cycling and I love bikes, but I hate lycra and traditional cycle clothing.

In creating Meander Apparel we are creating the kind of clothes that I'd want to wear on my bike - comfortable, practical, breathable, but most of all stylish. 

I have a Masters in Engineering from Durham University which I'm not really using, so working on all of the technical aspects of our designs is great for me. I also like working on and building my own bikes and have a garage that is cluttered with tools and various bike parts for projects in the works.


Stephen Henry