My unforgettable cycling route in Mallorca

Hi, my name is Miriam Anguera and I am the marketing intern at Meander Apparel.  As I come from Mallorca and live next to one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Spain, I thought it would be good to share it with you. The route can easily be done by beginner cyclists and includes key stops, hidden villages and amazing viewpoints.


Meandering Road; Deià - Estellencs

  • Distance: 30.2 km

My route starts in Deià, which is a village located on the northwest coast from la “Serra de Tramuntana”. You can cycle to the start in Deià from Palma in around two hours or if you prefer to drive from Palma this will take around 40 mins! 

I would highly recommend stopping by “Sa Foradada”, located between the starting point and Valldemossa, which is the village next to Deiá. It has one of the best viewpoints on the northwest coast. From there you can appreciate a stunning rock formation with a hole in the middle.  Here you can also find, a tiny restaurant, also called Sa Foradada which is open throughout the summer. 

Meandering Road

Meandering Road


Valldemossa is your next stop and this village is a must stopover point. It is tradition to stop by to try a “coca de patata”, which is hard to explain, but perhaps similar to a potato sweet bread!? It really would be a huge mistake not to try this local delicacy.


Arriving to Banyalbufar

After a break and a bite to eat in Valldemossa you can continue along the route for a further 16.4 km. The route from here is along stunning, meandering roads. This stage is divided in two different landscapes. From Valldemossa for 5km ahead the road is almost all straight and kind of desert like and the second stretch is mostly coast.

After 16.4 km you will reach Banyalbufar, a small village next to the sea. Personally, I would take a break to enjoy the views and hang around the streets.

Around 30 mins away from Banyalbufar, on the right hand side of the road you will find a tower which is the narrowest viewpoint on the west coast, known as “Torre del Verger”. You are able to access to the tower by climbing a spiral staircase.



Banyalbufar Village

The final part ends at Estellencs, with a distance of 5.7km. A large section of this last part of the journey is downhill so you will have time to breath fresh air while you are appreciating the amazing contrast between mountain and coast at the same time.   Estellencs is the second smallest village in Mallorca and this case, it will be your ending point of the west coast route.  From here you can visit the small rocky cove and if you are hungry, there are a few nice places you can stop by and have lunch, from a pizza restaurant to a beach bar. Sadly the beach bar is only open during the summer period.  I hope you enjoy my favourite ride in Mallorca and maybe I'll see you in my home town!  

Path leading to Estellencs' cove

Estellencs' rocky cove

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