About Jill


I am passionate about travel and adventure and have a big love of Scandinavian design. 

I graduated from the Scottish College of Textiles in 2001 and worked in London head offices for various luxury brands and designers until 2015.   I laterally managed the production and supply chain of a well known fashion house however my passion was always in design.  

Last year my husband Steve was taking part in a chance of a lifetime expedition to the North Pole.   We organised a charity bike ride with a bunch of friends from from London to Paris to raise money for the expedition.  None of us of us were really serious cyclists but we all owned a bike, enjoyed an adventure and were regular commuters around London. In preparation for our bike trip we were looking around to get nice cycle clothing.  No one seemed keen to part with their hard earned cash for the cycling attire available as given the styles on offer we probably wouldn't wear them again.   Shopping around, we found that most brands were focusing their designs for  racing cyclists as options mainly consisted of either full lycra race gear or various neon jackets.   

It was then that the idea was born to start a brand for outdoor adventure lovers with an urban design influence.   I wanted to  design garments that looked as good on the bike or the outdoors as they do in the city. 


Jill Henry