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September 11, 2020 4 min read

E-bikes have been growing in popularity and sales have been increasing steadily over the past decade. This trend has been accelerated during lockdown as more people are getting outdoors on their bikes and looking for new ways to travel away from crowded public transport.

Why should you consider an E-Bike?

E-bikes make for great commuting bikes. Cycling can be a convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly way get from a to b, but if you’re going longer distances or up big hills then you’re likely to build up a bit of a sweat, adding a bit of a power boost to your bike can take the sting out and get you where you're going a bit more comfortably.

Many people also find that choosing an e-bike over a standard bicycle is beneficial for their health and fitness. While you may burn off fewer calories per mile on an e-bike, many find that e-bikes are so much more enjoyable that the extra miles they cover more than offset the electrical assistance.

What to look for in an E-Bike?

In the UK, e-bikes must be the pedal-assist variety where you get an extra boost when you are pedalling and not the throttle-driven varieties available elsewhere. The main thing to consider is what you’ll be using it for and what terrain you’ll be riding on. If you’re going to be riding big hills, then gears are a must and if you’re planning to go off-road, then you’ll want wider tyres and potentially some suspension.

E-Bikes for the City

Ampler Curt - 2,890 EUR


This bike has a great aesthetic, with its thin tubing and concealed battery, you could barely tell that the Curt is an e-bike at all without looking very closely. It also has some clever design features like integrated lights and a smartphone control system. Ampler have squeezed a 336 Wh LG Li-ion battery into the frame which powers a 250W motor in the rear hub and is capable of a range of 45-100 km depending on terrain and assist mode.

You can opt for a 10-speed model weighing 14.3kg or a belt-driven single-speed weighing 13.5kg. We would recommend the 10 speed if you are tackling hilly and varied terrain, but if you’re mostly on flat ground, then the single-speed is a great option as it is lighter, easier to maintain and the belt drive will mean no more chain oil on your trousers and a smooth ride.

Cooper E Disc - £2,587

Cooper Blue_E-Bike16-spokes_2048x.jpg
Cooper Blue_E-BikehalfQR2_1024x.jpg
Cooper Blue_E-Bike19_1024x.jpg

You may know Cooper as the car company behind the original Mini Cooper and Formula 1 winning cars in 1959 and 1960, but in 2017 they expanded into the 2 wheeled market. The Cooper E Disc is another great urban e-bike focused on simplicity and ease of use. No need for complex controls or your phone, you can fire up the motor by back-pedalling three times when in motion.

Taking inspiration from their motoring heritage, Cooper have designed a Kinetic Energy Recovery System like those seen on F1 cars that harness braking power to recharge the battery.

The Cooper E Disc weighs approximately 13kg, has a range of 25km + recuperation and comes in Matte Cocoa, Matt Black, Matte White & Monza Blue

E Road Bikes

If you’re planning on some longer rides, then you may want to consider an electric road bike. Ribble are an online direct to consumer brand, best know for their excellent value carbon fibre bikes and also have what they claim is the world's lightest electric-assisted endurance range.

Ribble Endurance SL e From £2,799

Ribble Endurance_SLe_Di2__front_angled.png
Ribble enduranceSLe_Di2_Pro5spec_6.jpg

Like their road bikes, these have an advanced Toray T800/T1000 monocoque carbon fibre construction and weigh as little as 11.5kg. The aero efficient tube profiles conceal a lightweight Panasonic 250W battery that can be activated at the touch of a button and is capable of providing on average up to 60 miles of assistance over variable terrain.

Available in a variety of options, but if you’re after something extra special, you can opt for custom colour schemes from an additional £299

Want to go a little bit more off-road? Ribble also offers electric versions of their versatile CGR AL rangeoffering up wide 47mm tyres and the ability to go from road to gravel and single track.

E-Mountain Bikes

Want to go really off-road? Electric mountain bikes can get you up to the top of the hill with less effort and let you have all the fun on the way back down.

Specialized Turbo Levo From £4,500


The Specialized Turbo Levo Comp FSR is based on their classic Stuntjumer and with 150mm of suspension, it strikes a balance between downhill machine and comfortable mountain cruiser. At 565 watts of peak power, the ultra-smooth and quiet motor can quadruple your power output and has a 5-hour range for a long day out on the trails.

E - Cargo Bike

Babboe Dog-e From £2,499


Need to carry a little bit more? Babboe offers a range of e-cargo bikes with designs for cargo, kids, or even designed with dogs in mind. It has a front opening ramp to let dogs walk in and out and there’s even a bench and seatbelts for two children. The 250W maintenance-free motor has 8 modes and can make easy work of carrying loads of up to 120kg on journeys of up to 27 miles.

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