Team Meander get summer ready - we checked out 5 of Edinburgh's Spin sessions!

With summer around the corner Miriam - (Meander's marketing intern) and I decided we would get our cycling legs ready and try out some of Edinburgh's spin gyms.   We’ve hit 5 in the last few weeks and explored everything from the luxury to boutique to basic!  I had forgotten how much fun and how hard core a spin class is.  A great way to get the legs ready for those long summer rides.    

First up -  I attended David Lloyd spin class along with Jojo Fraser otherwise known to her blogging fans as Mummy Jojo.   

Mummy jojo - Jo Jo Fraser David lloyd

Jojo is a regular at David Lloyd and having tempted me along for the morning - I was not disappointed.  The centre itself is impressive with tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools and a nice looking cafe and chill out area. On arrival at the class we entered an atmospheric spin room with a dark ceiling covered in star like spot lights and a massive landscape picture behind the instructor that you could disappear into.  The spin bikes were nice and modern and the workout was a good mix of hard intensity training and then slow and steady.  The trainer was encouraging us to beat the person next to us and on this occasion I'd say Mummy Jojo beat me hands down!  I'll need a few more sessions to get me up to speed.  It was a great class and I left feeling motivated - if not a little gutted I forgot my swimming costume for the outside pool - next time Jojo! 

David Lloyd spin classes are available to members of the centre and they have a number of different memberships on offer.  Check out the web link for further details.

Check out Jojo's lifestyle and mental wellness blog at;




The words that spring to my mind about LifesCycle are “party session without alcohol”.  LifesCycle is a boutique spin studio and unlike the usual type of gym/studio.  The lighting is made up of fairy lights and bright coloured strobes with a backdrop showing black and white films. 

As this was our first time at LifesCycle, we were welcomed by Jeannie (the owner) and set up on the bikes to the correct height etc.  Andy (co-owner) and our instructor introduced himself and gave me a towel and bottle of water.  I told him I was fine without a towel as - "I don’t sweat that much".... at least, that's what I thought before the class!   There is a great family atmosphere at LifesCycle and during the session Jeannie refilled bottles of water for the class while Andy continued to motivate people, shouting “Head wind! Turn down the gears and get up!”.   

LifesCycle put on a great fun class and I would definitely recommend it. 

There are numerous classes through the week.  They offer free inductions for newbies, drop in classes are £6 and they offer reduced prices for block bookings and monthly memberships. If your a spin lover then this is the one for you.  I'm looking forward to returning for another lifesCycle party!








With muscles aching from the last spin class I arrived at Energy gym a little unsure of what to expect.   The gym is a lot more basic in style than the other gyms we visited and has a small spin studio but with good bikes and a great instructor. 


Nicki, the instructor, has a tiny frame and is obviously extremely fit - definitely a plus for the motivation!  We  climbed a few mountains and it was very intense, but it felt good. Nikki was very encouraging yelling not to cheat ourselves by turning the gear down!!  For someone with a tiny frame she has a big voice and there was no slacking!  The tunes were very upbeat, perfect to follow Nicki's speed and energy.   By the end of the session, we all were exhausted but had a great time. 


Energy gym offer flexible memberships from £6 per visit to monthly memberships starting at just £22 per month.  For more details check out the weblink below.









One Spa

One Spa - The Sheraton Edinburgh Spin Class

My previous experience of One Spa in the Sheraton is luxury spa treatments and lounging in a roof top pool.  Miriam spotted spin classes at the Sheraton and I couldn’t help but give it a go. 

I arrived for the 7am Spin Class with Katie and was lead into a boutique style Spin Gym – there was just 4 of us in the class.  I soon realised that my former experience of relaxation at One Spa was out the window and there was no getting away with anything but a hard core workout with such a small class – despite my lack of trying.  I was caught on more than one occasion attempting to turn down to an easier gear instead of increasing the intensity!  It’s pretty obvious when your not spinning at the required 125RPM. 

There were spin press ups and press downs and one where you push the spin seat away from the bike and do a squat like press up!  We also did a few sessions balancing with two of fingers on the handle bar  and then lower yourself down and up – very painful on the legs.  I expect after a few of these sessions your legs would most definitely be beach ready. 

I do love One Spa and would highly recommend it if you are visiting Edinburgh and looking for some pampering and relaxation. Prices for the Spa which includes access to the gym and classes start at £70.  If you are staying at The Sheraton, depending on your room type, the Spa is included when you stay.  Check out further details on the website. 






Perhaps not so much of a Spin class and more of a sprint session!

The class was very well-structured. The session started with an intensive and assorted warm up and as it was a 30 minutes session, the last 15 minutes were extreme. Mike combined set of sprints and various exercises to do on the bicycle, similar to the warm up ones but with double the resistance.  It was tough but a good feeling at the same time as it pushes you to the limit.  By the end go the session, we sprinted one last time and after that, the cool down started.  Overall, it was an amazing class, with a friendly environment and Mike was very professional. Highly recommended!

Pure gym is a budget 24 hour gym with up to date equipment, good instructors and offers over 50 classes per week and monthly memberships from £17.99 - A great gym if your on a budget.

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